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A letter to the woman who saved me.--I don't know how to contact the woman, and it was suggested by a mutual friend that I send it to the daughter, who has a FB account.

So. I had a suicide attempt last winter and your mother...she saved my life. She happened to be the one working when I was trying to get help and she's the one who called 911 for me and kept it from getting too bad. She hugged me, and offered comforting words. I thanked her awkwardly in person but I was wondering if you could possibly show this to her when you see her, if it doesn't make either of you uncomfortable. If it does, please disregard/delete this.

I'm indescribably grateful for what she did for me. I really only wanted to use the bathroom but she went beyond that and held me, comforted me, and kept me warm because it was freezing. She stayed with me until the paramedic arrived. The 911 call she made...it led me to going to West Valley, which sent me to a homeless shelter in Boise. From there, I've had the absolute happiest days of my life. I met my fiance there, mended many relationships I thought were broken beyond repair, met some absolutely amazing people I would not have otherwise. Because she helped me I was able to find out that my life was actually worth something, that I deserved to be happy and loved. And I have been. I've never felt this happy or complete in my 21 years of life. I don't like to go back to those thoughts but sometimes I have to, just to realize how lucky I am. And it was because of her compassion that I'm able to look back at this event and be incredibly grateful to be alive. It's a chilling but amazing feeling.So, Mrs (blank for privacy), if (blank for privacy) does indeed show this to you, thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart. I thank you. My fiance thanks you. My family thanks you.Sincerely, "Katarzhenya"
Tags: awkward, suicide attempt, survived, thank you letter
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