Katarzhenya Ivanova (katarzhenya) wrote,
Katarzhenya Ivanova

I live with my ex and his gf...

This has nothing to do with jealousy; I'm looking for a girlfriend right now, and I'm way over Stefan. This has to do with me being irritable, and she happens to press all the wrong buttons with me.

I can hear my ex's girlfriend talking across the hall.
Everything is "our".
"We're gonna wait until our taxes come in"
"Because our car is a piece of junk"
"our cats"
"Our wedding."

1) It's not YOUR taxes. It is Stefan's. HE is he one working. HE is the one paying the bills. You aren't doing shit. You put in ONE application at a job you're so sure you're going to get and then, guess what, didn't get it. While I do at least 6 a day, and I have yet to even have an interview. And it irritates me even more that YOU are the one getting all the recognition.

2) It is not YOUR car, and it's not a piece of junk. It's a suburban; no it's not your fancy little rich-girl car. It's a sturdy vehicle, and it gets us from A to B.

3) Nope again. These are his mom's cats that we don't know what to do with. With the exception of Kiki and Maki, they are MY cats, and you will stop threatening them and complaining about them.

4) You're delusional. I talked to Stefan; you guys are nowhere near engaged yet. He's not that happy with you right now. I can't tell if you're desperate or delusional, but STFU. Ugh!
Tags: rant, ugh
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