Katarzhenya Ivanova (katarzhenya) wrote,
Katarzhenya Ivanova

I hate my life right now

The cats keep shitting in the house. Instead of actually getting it himself, Kyle comes to ME to complain and tells me to clean it up. Um, you come to this house, eat Stefan's food, play his games, use his electricity. I am job hunting and doing all of the chores. The least you can do is clean up one pile of cat shit.
To fix this, I have locked all of Stefan's cats in the garage. They can stay in there and use the damn litterboxes.

Alex fucking broke my teakettle by leaving it on the hot stove 24/7. The boys tried to use it, they do the same thing and guess what it leaks. I loved that tea kettle, and it was the last thing my great grandma gave me before she died. And now it's busted because Stefan's brothers are IDIOTS.

I have a horrible migraine. Shifting vision, numb fingers, the whole shebang. This is my third day with this migraine.

Living with Rebekah and Kyle. I am the one who does all the cleaning and catcare and jobhunting while they get to sit on their asses and watch Netflix all day. And then I get in trouble with Stefan when something goes amiss. Wonderful. Fucking awesome.

I can't eat without getting sick. Pots and pots of coffee.
Tags: fml, fuck, fuck my life, hate
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