Katarzhenya Ivanova (katarzhenya) wrote,
Katarzhenya Ivanova

Why my life sucks right now

My mother kicked me out for going on a  date with someone I met on a dating site.

I'm stuck at my ex's house because I've pretty much burned all my bridges with my addiction and BPD tendancies.

My sister doesn't believe me about my mom because she sees that woman as a saint. My mom greatly favors my sister, my dad favors me; it's just a fact.

I can hear my ex and his fiance having sex.

The girl I'm in love with is married and moving to san diego.

I don't have my meds because my mother won't let me come home. I have no family supporting me right now.

I can't work because stress makes me suicidal.

I'm out of cigarettes.
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